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Calorie Poisoning: A New Frontier in Nutrition Intervention

Conversations about healthy nutrition often end with the observation that eating healthy is expensive.

The New Nutrition Label

Proposed changes by FDA to nutrition labels on foods make a positive difference to our health.

Dr. Roca is a LEAPS mentor program held at Kripalu.
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Health is a challenge to achieve and an ever greater challenge to maintain in our toxic world. The agents of illness are ever present and behaviors learned in childhood routinely move many of us away from our optimal health.

Dr Roca is committed to the optimal health of all individuals and communities. For him, the concept of personal and community health is a national emergency. As a Family Medicine physician, Dr. Roca understands that health behaviors are born within family, community, and social systems. His mission is to provide evidence-based information to help people retain their health and reverse chronic disease. Dr. Roca provides the information on this site as a public service. He is also available for consultation to help individuals achieve their wellness goals.

Dr Roca is among the very few physicians in the nation who practice holistic, integrative, functional medicine. He understands there is no separation between the mind, the emotions, the spirit, and the body. The effects of one on another are instantaneous. He is skilled in interpreting these interconnecting webs of cause and effect to get to the underlying root causes of dysfunction. His extensive training allows him to use multiple modalities including acupuncture, herbs, vitamins, supplements, minerals, medications, hypnotherapy, nutrition, energy therapies, shamanic journeying, biofeedback, and iv nutrition among other modalities.

His goal is to return the foundational functions of the body back to the best place of balance possible in order to resolve symptoms and disease states. In doing this, the patient and his or her story are the prime focal point rather than the disease. Sustaining change requires creating a firm basis for positive health behaviors.

Everything that has ever happened to you brings you to the place you are today. Together, we can move you to the place of health you desire.

“After many years of searching for a doctor who could get to the cause of my symptoms and not just deal with the symptoms, Dr. Roca was able to identify the basic medical issues and is helping me take a holistic approach to dealing with them. His work has helped me tremendously, and I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for an integrative, holistic, medical, scientific approach to his or her healthcare.” – S.F.
“Dr. Roca, you’ve made me very healthy this past year and I’m extremely grateful. I think you’re by far the best healer I’ve ever known – you practice medicine the way I wish every doctor did. I’ve recommended you to several people already and intend to keep directing patients your way.” – A.J.
“I will always be indebted and grateful for the wonderful, thorough and compassionate care you have shown me. You have not only empowered my health significantly, but given me peace of mind. I am a new person because of your care. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” – D.S.
“Doctor Roca has played an absolutely transformative role for our entire family’s health physically and mentally. He has helped cure our boys from various kinds of illnesses and allergies, and for my husband and me he is THE health care provider we entrust with our lives and health. We have recommended him to many of our friends and will keep doing that to whomever wants to make the right decision for their health.” – K.M

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