Reproductive Hormones for Men

Even though this title speaks of men, these same hormones are found in women and can also be out of balance. If you think you may have low testosterone or if you’d like to optimize your testosterone levels, the following analyses should be done:

Free and Total Testosterone (the free testosterone is how much is bioavailable and is the more important number)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (this binds to the testosterone and keeps it from functioning)

DHEAs (a testosterone precursor)

Estradiol (a product of the breakdown of testosterone and the reason for breast enlargement in men)

5-HT (another testosterone breakdown product)

PSA (to monitor the prostate)

Complete Blood Count (to monitor the effects of testosterone)

Insulin (affects free testosterone levels by effecting sex hormone binding globulin)

Body Impedance Analysis (to identify the percent fat and muscle in the body)

DEXA Bone Mineral Density Study (to monitor the effects of testosterone)