Individualized Evaluation in the Face of Toxic Exposures

Over and over, studies assert that exposure to low levels of toxins does not cause disease. Well, that’s only partially true. Often if our detoxification system is out of balance, toxins can indeed cause symptoms.

My general philosophy is: anything with which we have evolved, we can detoxify and remove from our system provided our system is in balance. For example, heavy metals. Anything that is man-made is, at best, difficult for us to remove, often impossible to effectively remove, and may cause damage along the way. PCBs and pesticides are great examples of these types of compounds.

Toxins come in many classes: metals, solvents, pesticides, persistent organic pollutants, industrial chemicals, burn products, asbestos, and many more.

Toxins come in many different forms: coatings, fumes, fine to coarse particulates, liquids, gases, dissolved in water, fat soluble, and many more.

Toxins may result in: obesity, nerve problems, memory problems, growth and behavior problems, gut issues and malabsorption, muscle problems, fatigue, pain, infertility, depression, anxiety, and many more.

In other words, it is absolutely impossible to rid ourselves of toxins. We live in a toxic world. We will never avoid exposure to toxins. Our best bet for health is to limit our exposure wherever possible and feasible, and to balance our body as much as possible so that we may detoxify as effectively as possible.

Very often I will suggest having toxins measured. Knowing what we may have in our bodies and how much of it we may have is just the beginning. We also need to know if levels of key vitamins and minerals are sufficient for effective detoxification. Vitamin B12, folic acid, and magnesium are especially important. Protein levels are also very important. Levels of Co-enzyme Q 10 and glutathione need to be adequate. Depending upon how difficult the detoxification process may be, we can also check for genetic inefficiencies in the detoxification enzymes.

Finally, kidney function and intestinal function need to be optimized. Anyone who has difficulty with constipation can have difficulties with detoxification.

While we, as a species, have the capacity to detoxify, individual evaluation may well help you overcome the negative effects of our toxic world around us.