Sometimes our patients sing our praises better than we do. Below you’ll find some comments from people who have used our services for themselves or for a child, spouse or senior parent in their family.

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“As I approached my 40th and 50th birthdays, I was determined to be in the best health ever; needless to say that did not happen. Now that Father Time is breathing a little heavier down my neck and I am approaching 60, I realized that the time is now or never. I had my first appointment with Dr. Roca in March 2013, a little over a year from the big birthday. I did not get into this mess overnight and did not expect to get out of it overnight either. At the time of my first visit, I was overweight, suffered from asthma, GERD, horrible dry skin and eyes, had sleep apnea and required CPAP, had difficulty concentrating and felt lethargic. Six months later, I have lost 20 pounds, no longer need to use CPAP, my skin, hair and nails look spectacular; my dry eye syndrome is resolved and I am now able to wear contacts. My blood work was positive for H.Pylori and when corrected, my GERD and asthma were resolved. My total cholesterol went from 226 to 169 with diet alone. I take no prescription medication and while I am 59 years old, most people find that hard to believe I am not in my early 40s. My primary care physician tells me that I am glowing and that Dr. Roca has done very right by me. I eat no carbohydrates and while I believe I was a sugar addict, I have no desire or cravings for anything sweet. This feels better than anything tastes!” – K.O.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Roca’s for several years and was very concerned about my medical care with the closing of the Greenwich practice as we know it. I immediately signed up for the online email access as a way of continuing the consultative advice I had become so accustomed to receiving from Dr. Roca. In the past several months I have had multiple medical-related needs requiring me to reach out to Dr. Roca and the email method has been a blessing. I have been able to receive prompt and thoughtful responses to my concerns and treatment needs, from the medical provider that I have come to respect and rely on. There are so many instances when face-to-face visits are not necessary, and the annual service has already paid for itself! While this approach is rather “new age”, it actually feels more like the old family physician scenario of our youth. There is someone who we can reach out to who cares about our well being.”
– S.L., Connecticut

“Doctor Roca has played an absolutely transformative role for our entire family’s health physically and mentally. He has helped cure our boys from various kinds of illnesses and allergies, and for my husband and me he is THE health care provider we entrust with our lives and health. We have recommended him to many of our friends and will keep doing that to whomever wants to make the right decision for their health.” – K.M.

“It is a plus-plus experience each time. I think it can’t get any better, but it does each time. Thank you! ” – J.N.

“I will always be indebted and grateful for the wonderful, thorough and compassionate care you have shown me. You have not only empowered my health significantly, but given me peace of mind. I am a new person because of your care. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!” – D.S.

“I want to express how very beneficial, innovative, unique and important Dr Roca’s help has been for me over the several past years that I have been his patient. His work has helped me tremendously. After many years of searching for a doctor who could get to the cause of my symptoms and not just deal with the symptoms, Dr. Roca was able to identify the basic medical issues and is helping me take a holistic approach to dealing with them. I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for an integrated, holistic, scientific approach to his or her healthcare.” – S.F.

“After many years of searching for a doctor who could get to the cause of my symptoms and not just deal with the symptoms, Dr. Roca was able to identify the basic medical issues and is helping me take a holistic approach to dealing with them. His work has helped me tremendously, and I would recommend him highly to anyone looking for an integrative, holistic, medical, scientific approach to his or her healthcare.” – S.F.

“Thank you to Greenwich Integrative Medicine for having Dr. Roca come to our church to speak about his Whole Person Approach to Weight Loss. Dr. Roca was engaging, warm, and informative. He had so much useful information to offer that attendees were captivated. We all went home equipped and inspired to make some healthy changes in our lives.” – Susan Asselin, RN, Parish Nurse at First Congregational Church of Greenwich.

“I’m glad the doctor spoke about the medical/biological facts as well as the emotional piece.” “I appreciated the focus on the simple pragmatic things I could do to manage stress and connect to the calm and creative center we have inside.” – attendees at Dr. Roca’s talk on Stress and Fertility
at A Family of My Own Fertility and Adoption Conference

“Dr. Roca, you’ve made me very healthy this past year and I’m extremely grateful. I think you’re by far the best healer I’ve ever known – you practice medicine the way I wish every doctor did. I’ve recommended you to several people already and intend to keep directing patients your way.” – A.J.

“I enjoyed reading Dr. Weil’s books, but listening to you made the information come alive. Your voice, your manner, your grasp of the information, your connection with the audience all helped me to see how this applies to my life. Finally, I am motivated to implement changes for better health.” – L.C.

“I’ve seen patients with back pain and no mechanical explanation for it. That’s where alternative therapies can be helpful. Often times these patients are referred to pain specialists and treated with strong medications, but there’s now a huge expansion of options for a lot of people for whom we don’t find the answer in the typical medical lore.” – Neurologist Frederick Nahm, MD

“The complementary therapies help patients to relax and feel better during the treatment process. It’s a very common-sense approach to healing and wellness.” – Oncologist Dickerman Hollister Jr., MD

“It was comforting to have a physician who took the time to get to the bottom of a complex medical issue.”– E.S.

“Lyme Disease had contributed to my body functioning at a very low level. I was sick a lot, which was so different than my normal behavior. Through the past few years, under the watchful eye of Dr. Roca and his staff, I have become educated and continue to learn about the disease. Today, this soon-to-be 65-year-old feels like 40.” – P.A.

“This is the only doctor who has treated me as a whole person rather than treating me one joint at a time… far beyond my expectations.” – B.T.

“Dr. Roca and his team gave two workshops about stress; one for the parents, and the other for the faculty. Since that time, I have heard from many faculty members who are using the techniques they learned that day to help the children in their classrooms feel better and perform better.” – E.C. at The Stanwich School

“Dr. Roca is an outstanding diagnostician. His approach is very special.” – P.H.

” Dr. Roca is an exceptionally smart and caring doctor. He really listens to his patients. We need more doctors like this.” – J.D.