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Dr. Henri Roca

Re-Kindle the Fire in Your Belly with Yoga to the Rescue

by Ann Brett, ERYT, LMT Yoga relaxes the whole nervous system. The benefits extend to the rest of the body and ease digestion as well.

Spring Sprouts Recipes

by Raw Julia Sprouts are easy to grow year-round in your kitchen. They are inexpensive and densely nutritious.

Water – To Drink or Not To Drink

by Henri Roca, MD, Clinical Functional Medicine Specialist Fresh water quality and supply is the great geopolitical issue of our time. With climate change, the health and safety of our water supply becomes more questionable.

When More Isn’t Better and a Little Is Just Enough

by Henri Roca, MD, Clinical Functional Medicine Specialist Several recently published articles question the usefulness of taking vitamins and supplements.

Cutting Out Sugar: The Number One Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Health

by Maria Rickert Hong, Nutrition Coach I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – Sugar is addictive. Sugar activates the same pleasure centers in your brain that hard drugs like morphine and heroin do, and you get a dopamine rush from consuming it. No wonder it’s so hard to give up!

Raw Julia – Raw Diet Recipes

For anyone on or considering a Raw Food Diet, we are happy to introduce Raw Julia (aka Julia Lucas), a Raw Foods enthusiast and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) practitioner.

My Gluten-Free Life

by Henri Roca, MD, Clinical Functional Medicine Specialist Being gluten-free hasn’t been that hard and it has been so worth it. Yet my sensitivity to gluten came as a surprise. Why?