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Dr. Henri Roca

The Golden 10: Have These On-Hand for Cold and Flu Season

We usually have many medicines in our medicine cabinet. This year during cold and flu season, it may be better to have a “Health and Healing Cabinet” on hand. The goal this year – and every winter season – is to enhance health and ward off symptoms. We must plan that most of us will…

A Functional Medicine Framework for Pain

by Henri Roca, MD, Integrative Functional Medicine Specialist Pain is a natural experience that most everyone will have at some time in their lives. Whether the pain occurs when touching something hot, seeing a light that is too bright, breaking a bone, or having a cut or injury, we all learn through pain.

Functional Medicine – The Science of Optimizing Health and Reversing Disease

by Henri Roca, MD, Specialist in Integrative Functional Medicine Functional medicine is the new language of medicine through which chronic disease can be reversed and health can be optimized. It is highly personalized and seeks to understand the individual’s entire history so that basic functions of the body can be brought back into balance, thus…

Back to School Health List

by Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh When your child heads off to school in the fall, make sure his or her personal care items include natural first aid and nutrition items to stay healthy throughout the semester.

Get a Grip on Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a challenging infectious disease that, if not treated completely, could lead to a chronic condition. The challenge is made more difficult by the co-occurrence of several other troublesome bacteria with the Lyme bacteria. Full evaluation and treatment address the symptoms of all these bacteria.

It’s Getting Buggy Out

The summer season has finally arrived. With all the spring rain come lots of lush summer greenery and colorful flowers… and insects.

Individualized Evaluation in the Face of Toxic Exposures

Over and over, studies assert that exposure to low levels of toxins does not cause disease. Well, that’s only partially true. Often if our detoxification system is out of balance, toxins can indeed cause symptoms.