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Benchmark Your Health

Benefits of Fresh Juices – Leafy Greens

Cold-pressed organic fruits, leafy green vegetables and herbs are full of live enzymes, oxygen, and phytonutrients. Green juices are a complete and vital natural energy source- highly recommended as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Download Green Tonics Pamphlet

Metabolic Syndrome (What We Learn From Blood Tests)

Metabolism is a complex system of interacting biochemical pathways. The field is rapidly evolving. Most people with weight or fatigue problems look first to their metabolism as a potential source of their problems. If you are concerned about these issues, or if people in your family have been challenged by these issues, consider getting yourself…

Reproductive Hormones for Men

Even though this title speaks of men, these same hormones are found in women and can also be out of balance. If you think you may have low testosterone or if you’d like to optimize your testosterone levels, the following analyses should be done:

Female Reproductive Hormones

The reproductive hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) are considered “master regulators.” They affect not only fertility and reproduction, but also mood, concentration, strength, stamina, resiliency, metabolism, inflammation, flexibility, and sleep. If you have issues with any of these, reproductive hormone balancing may help.

Infection Fighting Capability

To understand the immune system’s capacity to fight infection, we can identify current internal infectious challenges that exist in a “carrier” state or that are being balanced by the immune system.

Bone Health

by Henri J. Roca, MD, and Beatriz Olson, MD As you grow older, benchmarking your bone health becomes increasingly important. Your bones reach maximum density in your twenties and then begin to slowly decline. This decline markedly increases once menopause or andropause occur, during times of increased stress or infection, during times of significant nutritional…