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Environmental Health and Detoxification

Beware of Intense Detoxification

The difference between gentle cleansing and intense detoxification may be one of safety. Gentle cleansing would help to reset an eating pattern that was aberrant for a short period of time in an otherwise metabolically healthy person.

From Biochemistry to Biofeedback: Can Antibiotics Taken in Infancy and Childhood Lead to Obesity

In a study recently published in Nature (August 2012), researchers examined this question using a mouse model of obesity. In the past, many human studies have noted that changes in our gut flora (good versus other intestinal bacteria) can lead to obesity.

Benefits of Fresh Juices – Leafy Greens

Cold-pressed organic fruits, leafy green vegetables and herbs are full of live enzymes, oxygen, and phytonutrients. Green juices are a complete and vital natural energy source- highly recommended as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Download Green Tonics Pamphlet

Natural Help for Seasonal Allergies

A mild winter across the Northeast is ushering in pollen season earlier than usual this year. Getting a jump on a seasonal allergy one effective way to help control symptoms, and the time to act is now.

Using Amino Acids in Functional Medicine

In our current culture, our lifestyle accelerates the aging process. Utilizing the systems and processes-based approach of functional medicine can help to decelerate aging. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines aging as, “the gradual deterioration of a mature organism resulting from time-dependent, irreversible changes in structure that are intrinsic to the particular species, and that eventually leads to decreased ability to cope with the stresses of the environment, thereby increasing the probability of death”

Your Health: a New Year Priority

Good health is built from a series of individual choices we make on a daily basis. As we age, good health is something we think about more often, treasure deeply. We invest in our health rather than take it for granted.

QUESTION: Seasonal Allergies?

QUESTION: “What can I do to prevent and treat my seasonal allergies other than conventional medicines?” Answer by Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh, and Medical Director Henri Roca, MD: Seasonal allergies can surely put a damper on energy and vitality. Allergies are a series of symptoms caused by irritation from outside triggers.