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Integrative Approaches to Illness

Natural Help for Seasonal Allergies

by Henri Roca, MD, and Scott Berliner, RPh Allergy symptoms from seasonal pollen, grass or mold may appear as simple eye irritation or skin problems to intestinal and respiratory issues, sinus congestion and infection or even asthma. Try these natural approaches for keeping symptoms under control.

Graston Technique

by Amy O Donnell, DC, board-certified chiropractic physician Over time, many of us develop poor movement patterns or overuse issues, which may lead to pain and/or limited motion. Often, patients think that this pain is arthritis. However arthritis may not be the correct diagnosis.

Calorie Poisoning: A New Frontier in Nutrition Intervention

by Henri Roca, MD Conversations about healthy nutrition often end with the observation that eating healthy is expensive. This tends to be true and is in itself a disturbing observation on the nature of our food industry and agribusiness.

Food Interactions with Medicine

by Henri Roca, MD Our medical providers may not tell us about the interactions between food and medicines. These interactions can sometimes make the medication work less effectively or perhaps lead to increased medication levels in the body.

Re-Kindle the Fire in Your Belly with Yoga to the Rescue

by Ann Brett, ERYT, LMT Yoga relaxes the whole nervous system. The benefits extend to the rest of the body and ease digestion as well.

Water – To Drink or Not To Drink

by Henri Roca, MD, Clinical Functional Medicine Specialist Fresh water quality and supply is the great geopolitical issue of our time. With climate change, the health and safety of our water supply becomes more questionable.

When More Isn’t Better and a Little Is Just Enough

by Henri Roca, MD, Clinical Functional Medicine Specialist Several recently published articles question the usefulness of taking vitamins and supplements.