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Integrative Approaches to Illness

Identifying Toxic Heavy Metals in the Body

Environmental toxicity is a growing problem that threatens to undercut the amazing advances in lifespan and life quality created through public health and conventional medicine. Toxicity is becoming a hidden public health emergency.

Science-based Holistic Care for Three Generations of Family Members

Children, Parents, Grandparents. They all have different health needs, and yet there is a common thread in the approach to achieving optimum health regardless of a person’s age.

Distracted or Anxious: Can ADHD Be Tamed?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) has become the diagnosis du jour for adults and college aged students. Medications like Adderall can markedly improve the lives of those with the disorder.

Teen Stress – An Interview

Two students from a local high school recently worked on a project about teen stress. Their teachers directed them to Dr. Roca as an expert in helping teens deal with stress. Below is a transcript of the interview.

Take Control of Your Personal Health

Our nation’s healthcare system is in crisis because it costs an exorbitant amount to keep a person with a chronic disease alive and healthy.

Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy – For Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation and Behavior Change

The challenge many of us have chosen for the year ahead is to implement healthier behaviors. Perhaps you chose to exercise more or reduce sweets, or stop alcohol or smoking, or to journal more regularly, or reduce the number of hours you watch television.

Tired of Being Sick All Winter?

Health officials at the Centers for Disease Control are saying that the flu season has started early, and it could be a bad one. The best way to break the sickness cycle is by taking protective measures and focusing on boosting immunity.