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Integrative Approaches to Illness

Thyroid Dysfunction – Pervasive or Rare?

Whenever anyone has trouble with weight or energy, the thyroid is a suspect. Unfortunately, thyroid disorders are common, especially among women. Somewhere around 10 million people have diagnosed low thyroid with many more likely having undiagnosed disease or non-optimal function.

From Biochemistry to Biofeedback: Can Antibiotics Taken in Infancy and Childhood Lead to Obesity

In a study recently published in Nature (August 2012), researchers examined this question using a mouse model of obesity. In the past, many human studies have noted that changes in our gut flora (good versus other intestinal bacteria) can lead to obesity.

What is the Best Diet for ME? The Role of a High-Protein Diet

Aaah … those amazing amino acids! They are the building blocks for our physical bodies. They make up our enzyme systems, our muscles, the molecules that drive our thoughts and moods, our pain-controlling molecules, our messenger molecules, and so many others.

Essential amino acids

The body utilizes 20 amino acids to produce its various tissues and molecules. The essential amino acids must come from the diet.

Want a Healthy Brain? Learn How…

I’m often asked what can be done to improve the likelihood that your brain will remain healthy throughout life. After all, health without awareness is pointless to most of us. Of course we know to optimize our diet, to stop smoking, control our weight, and exercise. But you may be surprised to know that there…

Lack of vitamin D can be root of many health issues

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Can Memory Loss be Reversed?

When people begin to notice memory loss in themselves or their loved ones, they commonly wonder whether anything can be done to reverse the condition. As a functional medicine specialist, I am never content to accept a diagnosis without asking the question, “Why?” Why is this happening NOW?