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Lyme Disease: Treatment and Prevention

Lyme disease is a challenging infectious disease to treat, and, if not treated completely, could lead to a chronic condition. The challenge is made more difficult by the co-occurrence of several other troublesome bacteria with the Lyme bacteria.

What is Homocysteine and How Do We Control It?

Homocysteine is a necessary metabolite in our bodies, but when the levels are too high or too low they bring increased risk.

What Is So Essential About Essential Fatty Acids?

by Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh It seems like everyone, including very traditional-minded people, is talking about the group of nutrients called essential fatty acids. These polyunsaturated fats, known as PUFAs, are made up of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Memory Problems…Can supplements help?

As we age, our memory may not be as sharp as in younger years. Contributing factors may include multitasking, the fast pace of living in today’s world, lack of sleep and “down time”, stress, nutritional deficiencies, inflammation, infection, and hormonal problems. But can supplements help to improve memory?

Using Amino Acids in Functional Medicine

In our current culture, our lifestyle accelerates the aging process. Utilizing the systems and processes-based approach of functional medicine can help to decelerate aging. Stedman’s Medical Dictionary defines aging as, “the gradual deterioration of a mature organism resulting from time-dependent, irreversible changes in structure that are intrinsic to the particular species, and that eventually leads to decreased ability to cope with the stresses of the environment, thereby increasing the probability of death”

Keep Your Family Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

For families, especially those with young children, cold and flu season can be a seemingly endless cycle of getting sick and recovering only to catch the next bug from another family member, friend, or co-worker.

QUESTION: Seasonal Allergies?

QUESTION: “What can I do to prevent and treat my seasonal allergies other than conventional medicines?” Answer by Integrative Clinical Pharmacist Scott Berliner, RPh, and Medical Director Henri Roca, MD: Seasonal allergies can surely put a damper on energy and vitality. Allergies are a series of symptoms caused by irritation from outside triggers.