Media Inquiries

Dr. Roca is a board-certified family physician dedicated to the principles of holistic medicine. Dr. Roca practices holistic, integrative, functional medicine. He recognizes the interaction and importance of every aspect of a person’s life – mind, body, spirit, and emotion. In addition to the comprehensive care he provides through his conventional training, Dr. Roca integrates acupuncture (auricular acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture, Chinese Scalp Acupuncture, and Medical Acupuncture), biofeedback, hypnotherapy, nutritional medicine, natural products, and Native American Medicine.

Community Presentations and Appearances

Dr. Roca is available to speak to all types of groups from professional organizations to civic and community groups. Please send an appearance request to including the following information:

  1. Contact person, name, phone number, and email
  2. Organization including 501©3 status
  3. Topic and timeframe
  4. Strategy for publicizing the event
  5. Available budget for the engagement

Media Interviews

Dr. Roca is available for media interviews. Please send an interview or appearance request to including the following information:

  1. Author or interviewer
  2. Organization
  3. Topic with specific questions
  4. Timing for interview or appearance
  5. Timing for publication or broadcast