Understanding the complex interactions which drive symptoms to expression is always a challenge. It is not enough to diagnose a condition and match it to a pharmaceutical or a natural product. Doing so only leads to more pills. It is essential to understand the root causes and drivers underlying the disease. Giving a person a pill for a symptom is like placing a lid tightly on a boiling pot sitting. Eventually the steam will escape somewhere else unless you turn the fire off. If you don’t understand the driving forces behind an illness you can’t turn off the fire. If you don’t turn off the fire, you are committing yourself to an ever growing list of ailments and medications.

Consultation Visits with Dr Roca

The focus of these visits will be to create a hypothesis of how you work, of how your symptoms evolved over the course of your life. We will also utilize these visits to continue refining our therapeutic approach, review lab results, continue ongoing therapy/hypnotherapy, and deepen your health behaviors. This approach to greater wellness is not a population-based approach. It is highly individualized. Its focus is on greater health and fewer medications.

Patient Forms

New Patients should complete the New Patient Intake Form prior to your in-person visit. Please bring this completed form with you. It is also highly recommended that individuals who are having their first visit with Dr. Roca via telephone also complete this form and email it to info@drhenriroca.com.

Intake Patient Form (pdf)
Cancellation Policy (pdf)