Dr Roca offers the following In-Office Services:

Functional Medicine Consultation

Dr. Roca works with you to understand how the complex interactions among your genetic influences, your environmental exposures, nutrition regimen, exercise regimen, and stress environment work to reverse disease and create health. This service represents a detailed medical investigation of systemic imbalances often missed or over-looked by conventional doctors. The approach is time intensive and allows you to tell your entire story. So often the roots of our healing are found in our experiences over our lifetime. Dr. Roca will suggest appropriate testing to investigate his “hypothesis of you” and to benchmark your health. The focus of intervention is lifestyle change that is tailored to your level of capability and readiness. Supplements and nutraceuticals are used to create the natural foundation for health. The visit time for a new patient is 1 hour.

Follow-up visits continue refining Dr. Roca’s “hypothesis of you,” refining your Personalized Health Plan, review lab results, engage in counseling or health coaching. Follow-ups are available in either half hour or full hour visits by prior arrangement. Please note, Dr. Roca does not use narcotics for the treatment of pain.

Dr. Roca teaches Functional Medicine to residents and students across the country. He is among the first physicians certified in Functional Medicine and serves as a Functional Medicine mentor for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Focus on Functional Nutrition

Dr. Roca believes that the first and primary source of healing for our bodies is the food we eat. Hence his therapeutic focus is the right and proper use of food. His approach views nutrition as a source of health information rather than exclusively a source of calories and energy. Nutrition plans are highly individualized and constitute the foundation of health.


Acupuncture is a safe, established medical procedure that has been used in Asia for more than 2,000 years. It is recognized as an accepted treatment by the World Health Organization, most Academic Health Science Centers, and the Veterans Administration. Acupuncture is known to be successful in treating both acute and chronic conditions including arthritis, migraines and other forms of pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, stress, gastrointestinal issues, infertility, perimenopause, menopause, neurological irregularities, allergy and sinus issues, sports injuries, weight control and addictions. Dr. Roca uses acupuncture to help patients stop smoking and to lose weight. He is also expert in utilizing acupuncture in the treatment of pain, anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, insomnia, gastrointestinal complaints, and urological complaints.

Acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s own innate healing ability to restore balance, to help prevent disease, and to improve or maintain health. It involves the insertion of fine, sterile, disposable needles to control the flow of chi (energy) along the intricate network of the body’s meridians. Meridians can be influenced by acupuncture needling, which unblocks the obstruction within the meridian circulation and releases the regular flow of chi, blood, fluid and moisture. Acupuncture is normally applied to body, scalp and ear.

Dr. Roca is trained in Medical Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, Battlefield Acupuncture, Chinese Scalp Acupuncture, and Five Elements Acupuncture.

Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery

These services are specifically designed for individuals who are highly motivated to change but have experienced difficulty following through with their best intentions or have experienced back sliding to past unhealthy behaviors. Most people access these services for weight loss or smoking cessation. Often hypnotherapy is combined with acupuncture for best results.

The first visit will always involve getting acquainted with you. Hypnotherapy will begin on the second visit. The First visit is always an hour long visit. Follow-up hypnotherapy visits are usually 30 minutes long.


Biofeedback helps individuals learn to reduce stress by using changes in their heart rate (HeartMath) to recognize and release unhealthy thought patterns. Dr. Roca uses biofeedback as a way to pinpoint these dysfunctional thought patterns and replace them with healthy positive thought patterns. This technique has been successfully used with adolescents, adults and elders who find themselves living with anxiety, stress, and worry that disrupt their sleep, interfere with their relationships, and create disease. These services are usually 1 hour long. These services are usually 1 hour long.

How Does This Work? How Do I Get Started?

Our goal is to create a hypothesis of how you work, of how the symptoms evolved over the course of your life. This approach to greater wellness is not a population-based approach. It is highly individualized. Among other natural suggestions, Dr. Roca will focus his interventions on lifestyle change including individualized nutrition, nutraceuticals, exercise, stretching, stress management, and improved sleep. Dr. Roca can order labs and medications on patients seen in-person. These labs are usually covered by your insurance plan though it is always best to check ahead with your specific company.

Prior to the visit, you will need to download, complete, and sign the Patient Intake Form, the HIPPAA Notification, the Cancellation Policy, and the General Information for Patient Form. If you are a Medicare patient, you will need to sign the Medicare Opt-Out Contract. These forms must be brought to the office the day of your visit. The Patient Intake Form requires thought and time. Please fill it out well in advance and with focused consideration. That form allows the visit to be maximally effective.

Appointments are few in number given the time-limited nature of Dr. Roca’s private practice. As such, no shows and cancellations take valuable time away from other individuals who wish to utilize Dr. Roca’s expertise. Appointments are paid for via PayPal at the time the appointment is made. This will secure your appointment time. Should you need to cancel an appointment, Dr. Roca requires 48 working hours (does not include the weekend or holidays) in order to receive a refund. In this way, he may work to offer that appointment time to other interested individuals.

Step 1: Complete the PayPal portal for the appropriate location and visit time/type.

Step 2: Submit the contact form indicating your preferred time.

Step 3: Dr. Roca will negotiate the specific appointment via email.

Step 4: Complete the appropriate forms and either FAX or email the documents before your visit, or bring in the paper versions at the time of your visit.

Patient Forms

New Patients should complete the New Patient Intake Form prior to your in-person visit. Please bring this completed form with you. It is also highly recommended that individuals who are having their first visit with Dr. Roca via telephone also complete this form and email it to info@drhenriroca.com.

Intake Patient Form (pdf)
Cancellation Policy (pdf)