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Dr Roca works with one of the pre-eminent compounding pharmacists in the nation to provide access to excellent, high quality natural products to enhance health and reverse chronic disease. Scott Berliner, RPh, is also rare in that he practices a Functional Medicine approach to pharmacy.

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While anyone is welcome to access this resource, it is highly suggested that these products be incorporated into a health or disease-reversal program coordinated by a highly trained primary care professional. To access Dr Roca for such a service, please see the physician service descriptions.

Keep in mind that natural products can have side effects. In addition few natural health products are known to effectively prevent disease. They are known to assist in bringing the foundational functions of the body back to better places of balance and thus help to resolve disease. However, it must be determined which imbalances are the primary causes rather than associated effects.

Always remember that the preferred source of natural products is through food that is organic, grown locally, and eaten as freshly as possible.

Shipping to Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, and West Virginia is free of charge. Shipping is always free for orders over $99.