The Golden 10: Have These On-Hand for Cold and Flu Season

We usually have many medicines in our medicine cabinet. This year during cold and flu season, it may be better to have a “Health and Healing Cabinet” on hand.

The goal this year – and every winter season – is to enhance health and ward off symptoms. We must plan that most of us will be exposed to the flu. Our goal is to enhance immunity so that there will be few to no symptoms even if there is exposure.

The items below should be in your Health and Healing Cabinet. Remember that our primary care patients have access to our after-hours call service. If you have these products on hand, we can easily direct you as to how they should be used under your specific circumstance.

The Golden Ten:

(All orders to Louisiana, MIssissippi, and Arkansas are shipped free of charge. Shipping charges requested by the website will be reversed at the source.)

In addition there will be other homeopathic preparations specific to the flu virus. However, this repertorization is not yet complete.

While there is no guarantee that the above will absolutely prevent illness this winter, they constitute the best tools available to help enhance our health.

Summary of Symptoms of Allergy, Colds, Flu & Bacterial Infections

Symptom Allergy Cold Flu Bacterial
Onset Continual Gradual Sudden Gradual
Fever Rare Rare High/ long High
Cough Rare Hacking Nonproductive Present
Headache Common Rare Prominent Occasional
Aches Rare Slight Usual/severe Occasional
Fatigue Occasional Mild 2 to 3 weeks Common
Exhaustion Sometimes Rare Early/severe Rare
Chest discomfort Rare Moderate Common Common
Congestion Common Common Occasional Rare
Sneeze Common Usual Occasional Rare
Sore throat Occasional Common Occasional Occasional